Presentation: Lessons Learned Building Hyper-Scale Cloud Service



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Oracle is getting serious about the cloud and is building out new cloud services at a rapid pace. In order to build those hyper-scale, resource efficient multi-tenant services, they have chosen Docker containers and tool such as Kubernetes to optimize resource consumption and devops processes. Developing such services is just half the story; the other half is how to apply devops best practices, in order to run those services in an always on, hyper-scale and resilient way. Attend this session to hear the lessons learned by Oracle engineers from building these hyper-scale managed cloud services. They will discuss pros and cons of the architecture chosen, and will cover development as well as devops best practices, which allow them to offer those services to their customers. Come find out about the new forces at work within Oracle today.

Speaker: Harvey Raja

Coherence Architect

Harvey is an Architect of the Oracle Coherence product and the cloud services that require distributed systems thus use Coherence. He has been working on distributed systems for over a decade and is deeply familiar with building protocols to achieve distributed consensus that are paramount in highly scalable, high load, large data and fault tolerant systems. He has recently been focused on implementing these protocols for Oracle Cloud services. Harvey regularly presents at conferences, including JavaOne, on the software innovations him and his team discover.

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