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These days there is a clear trend to store your versioned files in a DVCS, a distributed version control system, which is typically Git. A DVCS is aimed at on one project, for example the sources of one library or one product. The Linux kernel, for which Git was originally designed, is almost the exception for its repository size and scope.

Keeping repositories separate has many advantages, especially for developers, however there are also challenges. Individual projects such as modules are not always independent but have interdependencies, which need to be managed. For DevOps teams this adds complications which are much easier addressed if all projects were stored in a single repository: a monorepo.

What is needed is a hybrid approach: individual repos to individual developers that are stored in the backend as a single monorepo for the DevOps teams. In this talk we are going to discuss the pros and cons of the different approaches and the requirements for a monorepo.

Speaker: Sven Erik Knop

Senior Technical Specialist @Perforce

Sven Erik Knop has a strong background in software development and large scale databases. Besides deploying and optimising hundreds of Perforce installations, he has presented at many conferences and is a regular contributor to blogs and industry publications on topics such as versioning and best practices for development and deployment. Prior to Perforce, Sven Erik worked for Versant Corporation, an Object Database company, as a Senior Consultant, developing and deploying high-volume, high-performance solutions. Sven Erik holds a physics degree from the University of Essen, Germany.

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