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Many organisations—especially engineering-led ones—are embracing microservices and DevOps as a mechanism for handing autonomy to developers across the life-cycle, from language, framework, and platform technology choices in the development phase to monitoring and management technologies when things move to production.

While this is a great recipe for developer motivation, it can lead to problems in running the production estate over the longer term as a lack of consistency hampers on-boarding and the effectiveness of first-responder teams, who are responsible for the overall availability and incident management that development teams move on.

Pete Holditch explores how various organisations have combined microservice-based development with DevOps and outlines the various pitfalls and trade-offs this entails.

Topics include:

  • An analysis of the tension between DevOps and incident management
  • Real-world examples of how various enterprises have employed application performance management (APM) technology to balance competing needs
  • How APM provides a feedback loop across the application life-cycle

Speaker: Pete Holditch

Principal PreSales Engineer @AppDynamics

Pete is a skilled technical APM and monitoring consultant at AppDynamics. In the past he has worked in solutions consulting and architecture for VMWare, Azul Systems, and BEA Systems where he gained extensive experience in strategic enterprise monitoring.

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