Presentation: Blockchain: The Oracle Problems



5:25pm - 6:15pm

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Will cover: why the oracle problem is so hard (specifically, this historical evolution of failures, from API, to clearnet website, to darknet website, to multisig escrow, to judicial "competition", to Ethereum/Augur, and why they fail), may also cover basics of blockchain ("blockchain as immortal software", ledger "rents", revenge of "the idea guy").

Speaker: Paul Sztorc

@BitcoinHivemind Creator

Paul Sztorc has been interested in Bitcoin since 2012, and interested in prediction markets his entire adult life. After was forced to close in 2012, Paul set out to immortalize the institution using blockchain technology. Paul studied Economics, Psychology, Operations (MS-M), and Finance (MBA) at Case Western Reserve University, and worked for two years in research at Yale University's Economics Department. He was hired privately in January 2015 to work on Bitcoin full time, and has worked for the startup Bloq, Inc. since March 2016.

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