Tips & Tricks to Respect Your Users When Writing a Data-Centric Application?


Database requirements of the future will not be about scale or performance; they will be about privacy and regulations. This is mostly because scale and performance requirements have already been met for most common use cases. After an era of globalization, the next question to address is how to manage data effectively and securely. Data must be managed properly to respect all the new privacy laws and regulations, to protect the rights of individuals and ownership of their data, to know where data is, and to safely control access to it. These new requirements are hard to meet with most traditional database solutions. How do you decide which data to move from a phone to a server – can it be encrypted all the way from the device to the server? And if you have servers that sync across different countries, how do you ensure the data that has to stay in one country for regulation purposes, stays in that country? Couchbase has a solution that answers all these challenges in a flexible, all-in-one database.


Laurent Doguin

Director Developer Relations & Strategy @ Couchbase

Director Developer Relations & Strategy @ Couchbase 🍺 @ La marmotte masquée. Nerdy Parisian Metal head

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Wednesday Mar 29 / 11:50AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Westminster (4th Fl.)


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