Presentation: Achieving High Load in Advertising Technology



11:50am - 12:40pm

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn about how digital advertising technology deals with size, speed and scale
  • Discuss which technology was chosen by Adform and the reason why it was chosen
  • Understand how it’s possible to change your mind from startup mentality to enterprise mentality


High Load consists of three factors:

  • Latency - The Speed of an individual request, business transaction or event
  • Throughput - The Scale required to process a number business transactions per time period a.k.a TPS
  • Availability - The system 99.XXX% availability 24/7/365 AdTech is the technology that supports Digital Marketing.

The “free” internet services such as, Email, Facebook, Skype, etc. are funded by Digital marketing. In this talk you will learn the technologies used and how they are implemented to see the High Load demanded by Digital marketing. You will also hear some of the War stories and how problems were solved.


What is the focus of your work today?

As architects and developers, we often start a project in “startup mode” where we are heroic developers and devops who solve all the problems e.g. setting up development, test and production environments; marathon coding; documentation; consulting to our first customers. We are wizards. But it often we spend a lot of time heroically “plugging up holes in the ship” that we inadvertently created.

As the organisations starts to grow, the challenge is how we can become more productive and often means that we have replace heroics with solid methodical techniques. This can be hard, at times it feels like giving away the baby.

My daily work is to help Adform’s vary excellent and dedicated Developers and DevOps to become more Enterprise focused and reduce the need startup heroics.

What’s the motivation for your talk?

I’m almost at the end of my career, and after 37 years of success, and a lot of mistakes, I want others to benefit from my experience.

I will discuss the technology that Adform chose to achieve High Load in adtech, the reasons why we chose them, the results, and present ideas that you can use for changing from a startup mentality to enterprise mentality.

How you you describe the persona of the target audience of this talk?

Architect (Generalist), Data Architect, Sr Management (VP, CTO, CIO, Director).

QCon targets advanced architects and sr development leads, what do you feel will be the actionable that type of persona will walk away from your talk with?

Attendees can see what technology is available and get some advice for high load systems.

What do you feel is the most disruptive tech in IT right now?

In the hardware world it’s GPU technology and flash storage and SSDs who are most disrupting. From the software side deep learning is the most disruptive technology. Finally there’s new technology which is an extension to computer vision and perception. It goes further than recognizing a license plate by showing for instance how fast the car is going and how the picture was taken, or instead of recognizing that there’s a face in an image it tells you who’s face it is.

Speaker: Peter Milne

Technology Architect @Adform

Peter is a Technology Architect at Adform based in Copenhagen where actively is involved architecting and migrating technologies and work practices to a scalable enterprise platform. Before Adform he was a Field Engineer at Objectivity launching a new Graph Database product: ThingSpan. Prior to Objectivity, Peter was the Director of Application Engineering at Aerospike Inc, a NoSQL Database Start in Silicon Valley.

Find Peter Milne at

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