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In a hyper growth product company continuous evolution of systems is inevitable as technology improves everyday, product and business needs evolve regularly and change in scale impacts operating costs. At Spotify the ads systems have undergone several changes fundamentally over the years. The performance needs from Spotify's ad technology stack are very demanding - high volume, high availability and low latency. Any downtime or outage has a direct and real revenue impact. Overtime as newer consumer platforms have emerged, backend and data infrastructure technologies have matured and Spotify products have evolved; the needs of the ad technology systems have changed as well. This has resulted in continuous evolution of individual components and the overall architecture. In this talk the speaker will share his experiences about lessons learnt while evolving Spotify's Ad systems without disrupting daily activity.

Speaker: Kinshuk Mishra

Ad Serving Engineering Director @Spotify

Kinshuk is Director of Engineering at Spotify responsible for Ads Engineering. His team at Spotify is responsible for all the Ads Infrastructure, Multi-platform Ad products, and Ad Optimizations. He is a technology leader who enjoys working on scaling engineering practices, software products and teams in high-growth environment. Kinshuk specializes in building internet consumer applications and has worked in various product domains like e-commerce, travel, gaming, digital content and entertainment. As one of the early Spotify engineers in the US, Kinshuk has helped scale the Spotify engineering efforts in the US. In his free time Kinshuk loves running and programming legos but avoids doing both those things at the same time.

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