Presentation: Extreme Programming Meets Realtime Data



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At Unruly, we're fast and furious both in terms of the volumes we're handling and in our development process. Scaling incrementally has raised some interesting challenges in how to deal with growing data volumes, and by trying to deliver value in small steps, we've ended up with some unconventional solutions. We'll talk about scaling problems we've encountered, and where extreme programming values led us.

Speaker: Gel Goldsby

Reporting and Data Team Lead @Unruly

Gel is the Reporting and Data Team Lead at Unruly, an agile Ad Tech company. She works magic on the various pipelines and databases to enable them to handle even more high frequency, low latency data. She fervently believes pink hair makes data go faster. Gel is a big advocate of all things agile and XP and loves the sociable, sharing and caring atmosphere that comes with Pair Programming. When explaining it to her non tech friends she describes it as "Hippy Programming".

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Speaker: Tom Johnson

Software Engineer @UnrulyCo

Tom is a senior software developer at Unruly (an ad tech company), and previously worked at LMAX: both companies as well-known for their agile/xp process as their technical credentials. Tom is a born-again software developer - having gone back to university to study computer science in later years - and is always keen to find ways to make it hard to be wrong, be it through better testing, better processes, or better languages.

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