Presentation: Microservices At The Heart of BBC iPlayer



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The BBC iPlayer API used to be a monolithic Java application. Two years ago we switched to Node.js microservices and we have been iterating on it ever since. We have learnt many things along the way including how to keep distributed systems decoupled, how to monitor the health of our services in real-time and how to move faster as a team. We'll share our journey without sugar-coating the mistakes we've made along the way.

Speaker: Cem Staveley

Software Engineer @BBC iPlayer

Cem Staveley is a Software Engineer for BBC iPlayer. He has been with the BBC for the last two and a half years working on various products including Weather, the News and Sport content production systems and iPlayer. He has worked across the entire stack, but has narrowed his focus down to his passion for building highly scalable, fault-tolerant and user-friendly API’s.

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