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"Fail fast and fail often" - not only does the Silicon Valley mantra speak volumes on the relentless pursuit of innovation, it also highlights technology's power of unpredictability. But when creating a bank from scratch, the art is in combining pace of change and stability.

So when your boss thinks you are the next Google, the regulators say "what the cloud" and customers only care about being there 24/7 - what do you do? With a year to do it, you won't get the resilience you need by coding AI-style self-healing capabilities into your infrastructure. Instead, you aim for simple, safe and scalable.

We will discuss how Starling Bank, part of the new movement in FinTech challenger banks, is innovating whilst addressing the need for resilience in a world where failure is everywhere.

We are a fast-paced tech company, built around an integral team of engineers aiming at a completely new way for people to see their money. But people have strong and specific expectations when you are handling their cash. We will explain how we use techniques like failure injection and rapid, continuous delivery to build a cloud bank that customers can trust with their money and the regulator can trust with their guarantee.

Speaker: Greg Hawkins

Chief Technology Officer @StarlingBank

Greg is Chief Technology Officer at Starling Bank, leading on technical strategy, engineering and infrastructure, and operating a service-based architecture in AWS supporting native iOS and Android apps. Greg has loved programming from the era of ZX Spectrums and BBC Micros, writing and submitting BASIC programs to computer magazines while at school in the 80s. He wants bank-building to be fast, fun and fearless. He codes in many languages but he loves Clojure.

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