Presentation: Rebuilding The Monolith With Composable Apps



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Key Takeaways

  • It is possible to introduce modern practises into legacy codebases a piece at a time
  • Functional programming techniques make code testable, declarative and robust
  • JavaScript, micro-apis and front-end components allow teams to scale and remain agile


Working with JavaScript is exciting. There's constant change - in the language, the runtimes and the community. The last 24 months have seen the rise and fall of frameworks, libraries, platforms and best practises. All this change is great if you have the option to build smaller products, either starting from scratch or being given a green light to completely re-write an application in one go. But what if you can't do that? What if you have a valuable, scaled, complex product? How do you get to introduce these new ideas, best practices and frameworks? How do you effectively refactor your customer facing software to be the application you want it to be?

As the proud owners of a monolithic PHP and JavaScript codebase (with a side helping of Sass and Java), we were asking ourselves the same question. How do we remove our reliance on server-side templates, a monolithic codebase, shared pipelines and coupled services by replacing them with a fast, resiliant, clean and functional front-end backed by smaller, focused apis?

We came up with a plan and started the road to refactoring - this is our story of going beyond the monolith.

Speaker: Ian Thomas

Principal Engineer @ Sky Betting & Gaming

Ian leads a team of engineers developing the next generation of user interface for The team is tasked with building API driven, component based applications which, when combined, form a cohesive, resilient and performant customer experience which copes with both the scale of the customer base and engineering team. Prior to working at Sky Betting & Gaming, Ian was Head of Digital for Finn Communications, a PR Agency, and was responsible for delivering digital products for FMCG clients including GHD, Taylor's of Harrogate, Nestlé and Morphy Richards. As a father of two boys under five, Ian's time away from work is spent with his family, playing Peppa Pig, trains and pretending to be a horse, often before 7am! Ian is also a keen hockey player, cyclist and musician.

Find Ian Thomas at

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