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NoSQL is a catch-all term that covers a lot of different types of data storage. Is it really helpful to group them together by one thing they don't have? Think about it like this: my toaster is as much NoSQL as any database! So, how can we make more sense of this new breed of database management systems?

In this talk I cover the four main data models that have been part of the past ten years' NoSQL movement: key-value, document, columnar and graph. I explain how they differ and when you might want to use each one.

Speaker: Simon Leigh

Senior Solutions Engineer @Couchbase

Simon Leigh is a London-based Solutions Engineer who works throughout EMEA helping clients design, deploy, and integrate NoSQL solutions into their architecture and learn about the wider Big Data ecosystem into which Couchbase integrates. Before joining Couchbase he worked as a project manager in the financial services sector. Simon is interested in spatial indexing, querying, and IoT applications.

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