Presentation: Challenging Perceptions of NHS IT



11:50am - 12:40pm

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What are your perceptions of NHS IT? Not great? Well the truth is very different to what you might expect. There is something of a technical renaissance going on in parts of the NHS where things are being done in a modern way, learning from past experiences.

We'll look at one example system where we've built a highly resilient multi-data centre data processing system utilising techniques more often used in the cloud but with bare metal servers. See how we’ve built automated performance tests, an immutable infrastructure and a NoSQL data store with support for versioning data.

Speaker: Edward Hiley

Principal Engineer @NHSDigital

Edward Hiley is a Principal Systems Engineer with NHS Digital. Since joining NHS Digital, Edward has worked on national service such as the Secondary Uses Service (SUS) replacement project: SUS+. SUS+ is a "ground up" full replacement of the current application that involves myriad challenges, including immutable infrastructure, disputed compute clusters, and multi data centre. Prior to joining NHS Digital, Edward was a solution architect for the Health and Social Care Information Centre and an Associate Director for the National Institute for Health and Clinical excellence.

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Speaker: Dan Rathbone

Technical Director @InfinityWorks

Dan is co-founder and Technical Director of Infinity Works, a 100-strong consultancy and software house based out of Leeds and London. Over the years Dan has held many varied roles focussing on areas from infrastructure to front end development and most things in between. Drawing on a broad skill set Dan now builds and operates high-scale and high-performance systems for Infinity Works’ clients. Most recently Dan has been working with NHS Digital to drive the modernisation of their critical national services, re-engineering them using FOSS, end-to-end DevOps teams and Agile and Lean delivery techniques.

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