Presentation: Microsoft Bot Framework Best Practices



11:50am - 12:40pm

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The Microsoft Bot Framework in combination with the Cognitive Services platform enables developers to quickly build Bots that are not captive to any one conversation canvas. Whilst it’s easy to get going with the technology, building a great experience that delights customers is more challenging. In this session we’ll cover some best practices that we’ve learnt in our initial engagements and show how you can transform your Bot experience live in the session.

Speaker: Darren Jefford

Artificial Intelligence Lead Architect, Microsoft Services

Darren Jefford is a Lead Software Architect for the Microsoft Services Technology Office who partner closely with our Engineering and Research teams to explore emerging technology with key customers helping them to innovate and transform. Darren’s focus in the last 12 months has been on the Artificial Intelligence platform including Cognitive Services, Bot Framework and Cortana helping to build our technical strategy whilst leading our initial engagements in this space. Darren has over 20 years of experience across software engineering and architect roles delivering large-scale solutions and has been at Microsoft for 15 years.

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