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10:35am - 11:25am

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Huge applications consume a lot of time to develop and prepare for the development environment. After a while technology changes, new frameworks arrives, and application requirements changes. Going back to the development phase can be painful. During this presentation, we'll be discussing web standards and how to use them in favour of the development process as well as how to use web components to write a scalable application and how these can help minimise cost of changes. We'll touch on the Polymer framework and what the future brings, moving from Polymer 1.0 to Polymer 2.0.

Speaker: Pawel Psztyc

Office of the CTO @MuleSoft

"Pawel is a front-end developer and UX expert with over 10 years combined experience. He is a Senior Software Engineer at MuleSoft in London and Co-founder of Google Developer Group Warsaw, as well as being an author of many useful open source applications for developers such as Advanced REST Client. He is currently working on creating a set of open web components used to build an ecosystem of applications under the ARC umbrella."

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