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Building an engineering (and technology) led culture is the hardest and most important challenge faced by entrepreneurs building tech companies. The successful ones are those that have managed to bridge product, technology, and people. Every company (whether actively cultivated or organically developed) has a culture. What differentiates a company that remains successful while it continues to grow is how it manages to hold on to or make the right adjustments to its culture.

The Engineering Culture track showcases speakers that have helped shape the culture of their respective companies. Whether an aspiring leader, a first time manager, or a seasoned entrepreneur, you will benefit from the stories and experiences of the leaders in software.

Track Host:
Sudhir Tonse
Engineering Manager @Uber - Marketplace Data & Forecasting
Sudhir Tonse manages the Realtime Data Intelligence organization at Uber which is responsible for the Marketplace Data Pipeline, Storage and Compute framework as well as Insights and Marketplace Forecasting. Previously Sudhir managed the Cloud Platform Infrastructure team at Netflix and was responsible for many of the services and components that form the Netflix Cloud Platform as a Service. Many of these components have been open sourced under the NetflixOSS umbrella. Prior to Netflix, Sudhir was an Architect at Netscape/AOL delivering large-scale consumer and enterprise applications in the area of Personalization, Infrastructure and Advertising Solutions. Sudhir is a weekend golfer and tries to make the most of the wonderful California weather and public courses.
10:35am - 11:25am

by Kate Heddleston
Founder/Software Engineer

Institutional bias is death by a thousand papercuts. Unequal work environments today are comprised of a lot of small inequalities that add up to the gender pay gap, the racial hiring gap, and environments that can be unintentionally antagonistic towards non-traditional groups. This talk covers what is institutional bias, why it’s a problem, and how it manifests in the workplace. Finally, we’ll go over a process to help you actually start addressing those paper...

11:50am - 12:40pm

Open Space
1:40pm - 2:30pm

by Aurore Kervella
Responsible for Data Quality @Uber Communications

by Sudhir Tonse
Engineering Manager @Uber - Marketplace Data & Forecasting

Uber has been growing at a breakneck speed both in terms of business as well as in terms of people. Innovation and the speed of innovation is paramount to our success. At the same time, Uber’s mission is defined as “Transportation That Is As Reliable as Running Water”. How does Uber create an engineering environment that fosters innovation, rapid growth, fast pace and reliability? What does a day in a life of an Uber engineer/data scientist look like? This talk will walk you through the...

2:55pm - 3:45pm

by Manu Cupcic
Senior Staff Development Lead @Criteo

Criteo, a leader in the fiercely competitive Adtech sector, started in France and now has several hundred engineers distributed across four locations. Thanks to our strong engineering culture fostered by our founders, R&D driven innovation is at the heart of Criteo’s growth. Criteo’s engineering leaders went one step further and created a framework to continually evolve the culture to meet the needs of our growing team. We'll share our definition of...

4:10pm - 5:00pm

by Doug Talbot
Head of Organisational Effectiveness @Ocado

Seeing the whole and thinking wider than software and development processes is something we find very hard to do in the tech industry. It’s so easy to get distracted by the amazing new languages, the neat gadgets, or the fun of tricks like mob programming. If we start to apply a wider lens, some systems thinking, queuing theory, psychology and a sprinkle of cynefin we soon see that if we want to drive an organisation of great teams made of great people that...

5:25pm - 6:15pm

by Matt Barrett
Director and Co-Founder of Adaptive Financial Consulting

Delivering software can sometimes feel like a battle against the organisation around you, rather than an exercise in working with it. Looking at how runs can be helpful, but it can also simply make you jealous. Not all of us get to work for one of those companies, nor be empowered to make the changes required at our own companies. Adaptive is a software consultancy focused on financial services and capital markets, and we...