Presentation: Drowning in Data, Thirsting for Insight



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The digital era didn’t sneak up on our industry, but we still seem surprised – and overwhelmed – by how much more data we need to manage. Regaining control of the digital experience means confronting the data challenge, understanding the landscape and the evolving role of IT leaders, and developing practices and technologies to help the business bring together two seemingly contradictory analytical missions.


Welcome to the digital era where customer experience management grows more dependent on more data from more sources every day, making issues harder to detect, harder to investigate and diagnose, and harder to resolve quickly. We know that data proliferation will only accelerate, so our industry needs to adapt new ways to analyze, respond, and ultimately to break out of the cycle of reacting to issues – to lead prevention and optimization initiatives. We can start with smarter analytics.

In this presentation Catchpoint’s Mehdi Daoudi will break down the changing dynamics beneath the never-ending flood of performance data and how it’s changing digital experience monitoring today. Understanding the root causes of data proliferation is critical to solving the challenges it brings, and Daoudi sees a way forward to leverage the analytical power of the platforms we use to guide the exploration of issues, slash MTTR, and change the role of IT ops forever.

Speaker: Mehdi Daoudi

CEO & Co-Founder @Catchpoint

Mehdi Daoudi is CEO of Catchpoint Systems, a leading digital performance intelligence company.  Before co-founding Catchpoint, Mehdi was VP of Quality and headed up the R&D team at Doubleclick, the Internet ad serving provider, and VP Quality of Services at Google. At Doubleclick he was responsible for quality of services, buying, building, deploying, and using internal and external monitoring solutions to keep an eye on the DART infrastructure that delivered billions of transactions a day.

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