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Uber has been growing at a breakneck speed both in terms of business as well as in terms of people. Innovation and the speed of innovation is paramount to our success. At the same time, Uber’s mission is defined as “Transportation That Is As Reliable as Running Water”. How does Uber create an engineering environment that fosters innovation, rapid growth, fast pace and reliability? What does a day in a life of an Uber engineer/data scientist look like? This talk will walk you through the lessons we learnt and the models we created to help us as an engineering organization.

Speaker: Aurore Kervella

Responsible for Data Quality @Uber Communications

Aurore is a statistician on Uber's Communications Platform. She is responsible for data quality, defining key business metrics related to Communications, and building an intelligent router to ensure that Uber communications with existing rider and driver partners are optimal. Prior to Uber, Aurore led CRM Analytics at Christian Dior in Paris, measuring business performance and optimizing targeting via modeling and customer segmentation.

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Speaker: Sudhir Tonse

Engineering Manager @Uber - Marketplace Data & Forecasting

Sudhir Tonse manages the Realtime Data Intelligence organization at Uber which is responsible for the Marketplace Data Pipeline, Storage and Compute framework as well as Insights and Marketplace Forecasting. Previously Sudhir managed the Cloud Platform Infrastructure team at Netflix and was responsible for many of the services and components that form the Netflix Cloud Platform as a Service. Many of these components have been open sourced under the NetflixOSS umbrella. Prior to Netflix, Sudhir was an Architect at Netscape/AOL delivering large-scale consumer and enterprise applications in the area of Personalization, Infrastructure and Advertising Solutions. Sudhir is a weekend golfer and tries to make the most of the wonderful California weather and public courses.

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