Presentation: Fighting the #fintech Wave with DevOps



2:55pm - 3:45pm

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn how DevOps is disrupting finance.
  • Hear real talk targeting to Senior Leadership with experience and case studies on the value and practices of devops in finance.
  • Leave with actionable advice on where to start with a devops initiative for finance. 


Commentators everywhere are predicting the death of incumbent financial institutions in the face of competition from new, lean, agile entrants to their markets. But the “old” institutions are waking up to the threat and realising that they too can move quickly when they see a threat to their businesses. One of the weapons many see as key in this fight is the use of DevOps to power agile change.

DevOps is about breaking down the siloed, process driven approach to software delivery in favour of a leaner and more collaborative way of working, whilst leveraging automation to reduce the time it takes to deliver code from development into production.

As the competitive landscape is changing, DevOps initiatives are gaining real traction within banks and financial services firm as the industry increasingly feels the need to reinvent itself and drive agility in order to combat #fintech type disruption. In this presentation, we will begin by considering where financial services organisations are typically effective, well placed, or have a head start on their DevOps transformation. The degree of readiness might surprise you, as my experience has shown that in many ways, banks are surprisingly and increasingly DevOps mature relative to other industries.

We will then focus on where banks have lower maturity and more challenging work to do on their DevOps transformation. This will incorporate lots of actionable advice, as I believe that incumbent financial service providers need to more aggressively adopt the patterns that have emerged from the DevOps community in order to remain relevant.

The session will incorporate a number of experience reports and case studies from my DevOps transformation work across banking and financial services. DevOps is easy in theory - it's when the rubber hits the road that things get interesting!


QCon: What’s the main focus of your talk?
Benjamin: I think that DevOps is finally crossing over into banking and banking really needs DevOps. I am also going to be talking more about disruption, and how banks can use DevOps to compete with fintech startups.
QCon: Can you tell me about what actionable advice you’ll discuss in your talk?
Benjamin: We are going to be talking a lot about you know how to change your organization, how you change your business processes, and how to tackle that iceberg of legacy: Where to get started, how to break it up and where to bring in disruptive tech such as containers. It is going to be very grounded in real world experience. There are at least 10 financial services based customers I will draw from, so there will be lots of war stories.
QCon: What do you feel is the main point of your talk? What do you want people to be leaving the room with?
Benjamin: I want people to understand that DevOps is a tool which will enable financial services to fight back disruption. The time is now for banks to do something. They have got to make big, bold steps and that DevOps has got all of the thinking there to let that happen. It’s a framework by which you can relieve the bureaucratic process driven approach and accelerate software cycle times.


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