Presentation: Test-Driven Microservices: System Confidence



10:35am - 11:25am

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Tests should speed you up not slow you down, and nowhere is this more important than when building micro service-based systems where speed of delivery and adaption is, often, everything.

In this talk Russ Miles will show how you can build production-level confidence in your polyglot microservices by applying the test-driven approach to synchronous (REST) and asynchronous (Messaging) services. In a massively distributed system such as microservices there are a lot of variables at play and this could be a real headache for testing. At the same time testing is critical to having the confidence to take advantage of the speed of adaption that the microservice-based approach promises.

With a selection of demonstrations and code snippets (along with a little guitar thrown in for good measure!), Russ will show that with the right approach to testing and deploying you can have confidence in your individual microservices AND in having the right impact on the surround system.

Taking a technical dive they’ll show how by applying specific constraints to the system, testing not only can be successfully applied to the microservices themselves but that this can be done simply, easily and can embrace speed of change rather than be an impediment.


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