Speaker: Mathieu Bastian

Builds data products. @LinkedIn data science alumnus and @Gephi co-founder
Mathieu recently moved to Berlin after spending the last four years building data products at LinkedIn in Mountain View. Mathieu joined LinkedIn's Data Science team in late 2010 and first worked on InMaps, a system that served millions of complex graph visualizations to users. He then specialized in building large Hadoop data pipelines to fuel products such as LinkedIn Skills, Endorsements and Connected with machine-learnt models. On LinkedIn Skills, Mathieu designed and developed inference models, recommender systems and ranking algorithms to infer the likelihood that a profile has a certain skill and recommend it to users. Previously, Mathieu co-founded and led the development of Gephi, an award-winning open-source software to visualize and analyze large graphs. Mathieu graduated in Computer Science in 2009 from UTC (University of Technology of Compiegne) in France. He contributes to several open-source projects and holds eight patents.

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Talk: The mechanics of testing large data pipelines

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