Speaker: Stephen Etheridge

Solution Architect @Basho
Stephen Etheridge built his first computer in 1978 and has managed to successfully pay the rent from computers since 1986. He’s also lucky enough to still have most of his hair. Easily bored it made sense that he kept himself entertained with a bit of espionage as an Enterprise Architect in Law enforcement, intelligence and security sectors. Describing himself as devastatingly handsome, he also swears that he manages to be a miserable git most of the time, all be it a very witty one. While he prefers pen, ink and paper to computers, this hasn’t stopped him having a long and successful history working at major system integrators before joining Basho. Stephen specializes in data, unstructured data handling, big data, giant data, data swamps and AI where he predicts it will all end up one day out of our control.

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Talk: Integrate Building Blocks 4 NextGen IoT Data Tiers

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