Speaker: Sylvain Hellegouarch

‎Microservices and cloud-native lead architect at Simplicity Itself
Sylvain Hellegouarch is a passionate software craftman, keen on exploring his field, from coding to deployment through testing. With fourteen years of experience, in domains such as retail and media delivery, he has gained knowledge of the multiple ingredients for successful software deliveries. He has a strong commitment towards open-source software, having co-maintained the CherryPy framework for twelve years and the websocket for Python library for five years. His more recent undertaking has been focusing on microservices as a winning architecture style for software that endure inevitable functional and business change. He has put a strong focus on answering the need for faster deployment and flexible elasticity through modern technologies like containers and service orchestration. Sylvain has teamed up with Russell Miles in delivering training on building microservices and is contributing to Russell's book on Antifragile Software https://leanpub.com/antifragilesoftware. Author of the CherryPy book published by Packt Publishing in 2007, Sylvain also enjoys sharing his thoughts on his blog http://www.defuze.org.

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