QCon London 2023 is a wrap!

Thank you to the 1,150 senior software engineers, software architects, and team leads who joined us at QCon London 2023. Take a look at the conference highlights. Catch up with the session videos you missed. See what people had to say on social about #QConLondon. Over 75 software leaders driving innovation and change shared their practical insights and use cases to help attendees validate their technical roadmap. QCon London attendees told us how the event helped them find solutions to their challenges, adopt the right software innovations and practices, and reduce uncertainty on which technologies should be part of their roadmap. Join us at our next QCon London international software development conference (April 8-10, 2024).

QCon London focused on emerging software trends and innovations

Technical talks from over 75 software domain experts focused on innovation and change. Talks focused on patterns & practices, not products and pitches.
Attendees learned implementable ideas they could apply after the event.

  • Green Tech
  • Rust
  • WASM
  • eBPF
  • Machine Learning @ Edge
  • Scalable Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure Unification
  • Cue Lang
Early Adopters
  • MLOps
  • Team Topologies
  • Staff+ Engineer Path
  • Service Meshes
  • Microfrontends
  • Multicloud Practices
  • Software Ethics
  • Feature Engineering
  • Mode Inference/Prediction
  • Observability Practices
  • Server-Driven Frontend
  • Decarbonizing the Grid
  • Operator Pattern forNon-Clustered Resources
  • Patterns & HeuristicsEnabling Fast Flow
  • Open Policy Agent
  • Java 17 (LTS)
  • Paved Road
Early Majority
  • DevSecOps
  • DevOps in Practice
  • Kubernetes Strategies
  • Observability / Telemetry
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Operating Microservices
  • Data Engineering
  • GraphQL
  • Go Techniques & Patterns
  • DevEx
  • Reactive
  • Performance
  • Macroservices
  • Serverless: Orchestration &Choreography
  • Cloud Architectures
  • Patterns for Scale
  • IaC (Infrastructure as Code)
  • Polyglot Software Practices

Loved by senior software practitioners like you

Take a look at the event highlights and see what your peers had to say on social media about #QConLondon.

My first time at the #QConLondon! Some colleagues had already told me about its majesty, but you know - in St. Thomas style - if you don't see it, you never believe it 100%! :smile: Well what can I say... 15 different tracks spread over 3 days, for a total of 75 talks. An impeccable organization with obsessive attention to detail and attention to inclusion beyond imagination...

Andrea Giannantonio
Principal DevEx Engineer @ Immobiliare.it | Community Manager @ ImmobiliareLabs


Another grey rainy day in London? No, it is a 2nd day of #QConLondon! I never thought I would attend one of the most important engineering conferences in the world, but here I am, a first time attendee 😊

Lula Leus

QCon is like the SuperBowl of technology conferences - expertly curated tracks, aimed at experienced individuals - it's a wonderland for learning, meeting people, and just celebrating technology and the innovations in our industries. I leave the event with many things that I can take back and improve when back at work as well as being energised again. From the quality of the talks, the venue and organization, and the best keynotes daily, it's the highlight of my conference year!

Richard Roché
Principal Engineer @Workhuman


It is all content and no fluff. There are no thinly veiled presentations touting a vendor's products, but actual talks by professionals like me who are tackling problems like me.

Alex White
Enterprise Architect - Digital @ASOS

QCon content is a great balance of technical detail and thought-provoking ideas that provide inspiration for the workplace.

Mark Bursnall
Head of Engineering @Commify

QCon is a fantastic conference that has given me a renewed excitement in leveraging new innovations, technologies, and approaches to solve the challenges faced in my day-to-day role.

John McCloskey
Senior Staff Software Engineer @Bazaarvoice

2023 Topics and Tracks

Behind every QCon is a Program Committee of senior software leaders who curate the essential topics you need to know about. A track is a peer-curated day of talks around important topics in software. Take a look at the QCon London 2023 topics and tracks.

  • Mar 27

    Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    The biggest software systems on the planet need sophisticated architectures, deliberately and carefully designed to support true planet-scale, along with high availability, durability, security, and many other concerns.
    Matt Turner

    Software Engineer @Tetrateio and Co-Founder for Istio London

  • Mar 27

    Building Modern Backends

    Creating backend architectures is a more demanding task than ever, with many questions to answer, such as: how to build and operate services that are reliable and secure, scale to millions of users, and are maintainable too? How do you ensure data is always up-to-date and accessible with low latency? Which consistency models can be leveraged to achieve a good balance of performance and user experience? How to keep your systems observable, and how to establish governance and discovery for synchronous APIs as well as streaming services?
    Gunnar Morling

    Senior Staff Software Engineer @Decodableco

  • Mar 27

    Building Security in Earlier

    Presentations on how 'shift left' has been applied in practice to build security into applications and services earlier in their release to production pipeline.
    Stefania Chaplin

    Solutions Architect @GitLab

  • Mar 27

    Innovations in Data Engineering

    Learn from technology SMEs and industry's leading data practitioners about trends and innovations happening in data engineering space including what's new in data streaming, data API's, data lineage, automated data pipelines and cloud data platforms & containerization technologies.
    Sid Anand

    Fellow, Cloud & Data Platform @Walmart, Apache Airflow Committer/PMC, Ex-Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, Etsy, & PayPal

  • Mar 27

    Staff+ Engineering in Practice

    What are the skills you need to develop if you want to stay on the technical track to technical lead, staff, or principal? What will it take to thrive in this type of role?
    Fabiane Nardon

    Data Scientist, Java Champion & CTO @tail_oficial

  • Mar 28

    Architecture in 2025

    We will be exploring and discussing answers to questions on: What does architecture design look like in the future? What is the role of the software architect? Who else is involved? How do you prepare for this?
    Camilla Crispim

    Principal Technologist & Technical Director @Thoughtworks, Member of the Technology Advisory Board, Co-Author of @Thoughtworks Technology Radar

  • Mar 28

    Modern Frontend Development and Architecture

    Let's talk about the frontend, not with the tools we use but through the problems we're solving. re-usability, composition, abstraction, velocity, performance.
    Loiane Groner

    Development Manager @Citibank

  • Mar 28

    Debugging Production

    You get paged about a problem in production - but how do you know just what system or service is acting up? What do you do to identify and mitigate the impact on users before ultimately fixing any underlying issues? This track we'll look at the state of the art in tools and processes for  incident management, observability, and debugging high impact production systems.
    Abby Bangser

    Principal Engineer @Syntasso

  • Mar 28

    The Tech of FinTech

    FinTech startups have led the way in adopting new technology such as cloud, pushing down perceived regulatory barriers as they go. In response established financial services firms have also been building their own modern architectures. This track will feature presenters from both, examining the tech they've adopted, and the business value that it's delivered.
    Ian Ellis

    Technology Strategy Consultant, Venture Partner, and Angel Investor

  • Mar 28

    Socially Conscious Software

    This timely track deep dives into technologies and technology companies that focus on social impact, by building products, using tools and creating a future that we all believe in. It explores how to foster a socially inclusive, ethical, diverse and equitable tech industry that strives to actively strip itself of bias and prejudice.
    Sally Goble

    Senior Engineering Manager @Accurx

  • Mar 29

    Paving the Road: Enhancing Developer Productivity and Experience

    How to supercharge developer productivity and happiness.
    Nayana Shetty

    Principal Engineer @LEGO_Group

  • Mar 29

    Emerging AI and Machine Learning Trends

    Discover how to operationalize machine learning applications that are scalable, secure, and interpretable.
    Mehrnoosh Sameki

    Principal PM Manager @Microsoft

  • Mar 29

    Performance: Designing and Tuning

    Justin Cormack

    CTO @Docker

  • Mar 29

    Architecture with Sustainability in Mind

    Sarah Hsu

    SRE @Goldman Sachs & Training Project Chair @Green Software Foundation

  • Mar 29

    Remote and Hybrid Work: What Now?

    Shane Hastie

    Global Delivery Lead @SoftEd, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods @InfoQ

Top Sessions at QCon London 2023

Top 5 best voted

Top 5 most attended

Strategy & Principles to Scale and Evolve MLOps @DoorDash

Speaker image - Hien Luu

Hien Luu

Sr. Engineering Manager @DoorDash & Author of Beginning Apache Spark 3, Speaker and Conference Committee Chair

Digital Exclusion & How to Change It

Speaker image - Sareh Heidari

Sareh Heidari

Senior Software Engineer @Accurx

Building High-Fidelity Data Streams

Speaker image - Sid Anand

Sid Anand

Fellow, Cloud & Data Platform @Walmart, Apache Airflow Committer/PMC, Ex-Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, Etsy, & PayPal

Change Data Capture for Microservices

Speaker image - Gunnar Morling

Gunnar Morling

Senior Staff Software Engineer @Decodableco

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