Speaker: Pete Burden

Change Agent @ConsciousBusinessPeople
I ask useful and interesting questions – questions which move things on and get things going in better ways. I know about change, strategy, and group dynamics. And I can guide and support others, making it safe to experiment and try new things. I know that together we can bring about significant change, achieve better results, and have fun along the way. I work as a facilitator of change, business consultant and leadership coach. I have done this kind of work for more than 25 years. I have worked alongside many entrepreneurs, business owners and MDs. I have worked with very large companies – for a US Fortune 50 company, now part of HP, and with several FTSE 100 companies. I worked for the BBC and helped them and other near-public sector organisations make the move into the digital world, to industry acclaim. I have also worked at the other end of the scale, with SMEs: I was chair of social media business NixonMcInnes while it enjoyed rapid growth in a brand new market. I set up an innovative network for SME owners. And I have worked in and with several innovative digital startups, including my own. So I also understand the realities of small business life. I am currently interested in more 'responsive' strategy, and how to introduce this approach to modern, digitally-enabled businesses.

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Talk: Dream job? The vision and journey to the company culture you want

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Covering innovative topics

Wednesday, 4 March

  • Architecture Improvements

    Next gen architecture, Arch over the full lifecycle, Bleeding edge tech in legacy, Cognitive biases in architecture, Evolving Architecture.

  • Big Data Frameworks, Architectures, and Data Science

    As big data tools and architectures continue to evolve, how do you architect and select technologies that work now but are also future-proof?

  • DevOps and Continuous Delivery: Code Beyond the Dev Team

    As infrastructure becomes as malleable as code, a unified approach from reqs to ops is needed to deliver promised breakthroughs.

  • Engineering Culture

    The best teams and companies talk about how to create amazing engineering cultures.

  • Java - Not Dead Yet

    Java is evolving to meet developer and business needs, from lambdas in Java 8 to built-in support for money types rumoured for Java 9.

  • Mind Matters at Work

    How theories from neuroscience and psychology can help us better understand IT professionals and discover what really motivates them.

Thursday, 5 March

  • Docker, containers and application portability

    People building stuff for and with containers showing why application portability is important, and what can be done with expanding ecosystems.

  • Evolving agile

    Reflecting on and learning from successes and failures in applying agile approaches since the creation of the Agile Manifesto and exploring ways of applying agile practices to increase business value.

  • HTML and JS Today

    The state of the art in web technologies. What is important to know and why?

  • Internet of Things

    What software devs need to know to design and build for instrumented environments and reactive things, what new issues and questions it raises.

  • Modern CS in the Real World

    How modern CS helps you tackle today's problems.

  • Reactive Architecture

    How to create reactive systems is more than simply learning a framework. Thinking in a reactive way helps you to design responsive architectures.

  • The Go Language

    The Go Language - Concurrency, Performance, Systems Programming.

Friday, 6 March

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    Get a rare look behind the scenes and get to see the architectures of the most well-known sites with the least known architectures.

  • Low latency trading

    The 'race to zero' continues. Join us to learn about the latest tecniques being deployed to optimise order routing and execution.

  • Open source in finance

    Financial services have changed from OS as cost-saving to a competitive weapon. See open source projects that are disrupting the finance industry.

  • Product Mastery

    Come have fun with fellow PMs and BAs as you learn about Value Management. We'll even tell you dark tales of Snarks, Hippos and other obstacles.

  • Taming Microservices

    Tackling the challenges of microservices in practice.

  • Taming Mobile

    Mobile is no longer the Next Big Thing but a requirement for your business. Hear from those who have implemented successful mobile systems.