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The principles discussed are applicable across all levels, including those who have not been in Agile/Lean teams – feel free to bring along own personal case study.

Tutorial: Navigating Politics in Agile/Lean Teams [Sold out]

This tutorial is sold out

When implementing Lean/Agile, have you ever wondered why politics (in the company or internally in the team) sometimes escalate rather than decrease? Have you ever sat there in meetings frustrated and exasperated at the seemingly unnecessary dramatics some participants go through? What’s going on? Despite your best efforts, why doesn't pure data, logic and transparency always work?

What can you actually do about it in the real world?

In this practical workshop Katherine explains how this happens by collaboratively exploring ‘outside-the-box’ ideas whilst drawing on her toughest, on-the-ground experiences and combining it with eastern and tribal philosophy in order to illuminate useful and realistic ways of dealing with it.


What you will walk away with:

By the end of this workshop, you will have been exposed to the common issues and mistakes that people make with people in Agile/Lean teams, and discover useful, practical techniques that can be tried the very next day (as well as perhaps inventing your own) – at the very minimum, you will have enough information and insights to begin creatively developing solutions to political issues in your own context.


Learning Outcomes: As a result of this workshop, you will:

  • be able to define at the key ways Agile/Lean increases politics in teams
  • understand the reasoning behind these weaknesses
  • recognise how/why the weaknesses apply and what you can do about them
  • be aware of outside the box, different approaches to navigating politics
  • walk away with useful techniques to combat the highlighted issues
  • use this understanding to think creatively about how you can strengthen your own endeavours