Tue, 3 Mar




We recommend that you have read Diana Larsen and Esther Derby's book "Agile Retrospectives" before the tutorial.

Tutorial: Retrospectives - the next level

Are your retrospectives always constructive, pleasant to be in and support the team in sharing their understanding of what happened in the last sprint?


Retrospectives are all about making your team better. Working with agile development you know that it is an important part of the process to continually reflect on, adjust, and improve your work process. Unfortunately, some retrospectives are facilitated in such a way that they waste time instead of being the rewarding learning process they should be.


You will come away with some techniques that can revitalize your retrospectives. Instead of a tedious duty, retrospectives can become a driver of team and project improvement. ”Learn this one trick to make your retrospectives fun and constructive! Certified scrum masters hate her!”


Target Audience: The target audience is retrospectives facilitators who need new input.